I can’t think of too many works of art from the last 25 years that have been more influential. The lighting, the sets, the costumes, the gadgets, the story, too, let’s not forget.

This new print looks FUCKING PHENOMENAL. You could watch the whole thing on mute and it would still be riveting. But Vangelis’ future noir sax-riffic score ain’t so bad either. Many stayed to the end of the closing credits to applaud.

If you were there at the Zeigfeld Saturday night at 7 PM and heard someone shout “Adama!” when Edward James Olmos’ name came up in the credits — that idiot was me. I warned Ann and Kim I would do that and, as expected, I was met with thunderous applause.

After the film the ladies hit the long line and I found myself in a cypher of nerds going deep on hardcore esoterica. I was with my peeps.

You’ve got 5 1/2 more days to catch this at the Zeigfeld. Don’t pass the opportunity up.