Despite the many flaws in this film I have to give it high marks for originality, daring and audacity. And some really great characters. I kept wishing Justin Lin, who is also credited as editor, would trust his script and his actors more and lay off the trick editing and camera moves. When you have a real story with sympathetic characters you don’t have to shoot it like “Femme Fatale.” Plus one scene which is obviously supposed to be important (the black kids driving along side) which is obviously supposed to be “important” but I couldn’t quite comprehend. The story, of Asian high school kids who get such good grades they can pretty much pull any shit they want because no one will suspect them, is instantly gripping. The acting is great and the mood and themes of the film changes frequently, much like the attitude of a 16 year old. It is wonderful to hear so many Asian-American kid voices and it is also great to show that kids can get “A”s and still hang out and drink and act like idiots.