Unlike most famous bad movies, this bad movie isn’t really that bad. Yes, the structure, screenplay and some of the acting is confusing and dreadful, but “Who Killed Teddy Bear?” compensates with a surprising (for its time) depiction of sexual deviance. It’s all very shallow, but the cop who plays tapes of rape victims describing their attackers in front of his daughter and the odd pick-up lines “can I buy you a frankfurter?” make me think there may be something deeper going on. But you could counter this with the train wreck dreadful performance of the retarded sister, trapped in the closet, talking about a new brassiere size. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned Sal Mineo in his tighty-whities. Or Elaine Stritch vying for Bea Arthur’s title as woman with the deepest voice. Or that the director of this film is Phoebe Cates’ father. A curious motion picture for the sex fiend in all of us.