If you watch a DVD of a movie whose original source was an old VHS tape via an internet download and it STILL has its very own distinct look and feel, then you are watching a worthwhile piece of cinema. The opening shots of modern “new southwest” architecture and the splash of the word TUSCON on the screen just screams out, “Wow! That was done on a COMPUTER!!” If you are into 80s hair and furniture and electronics (this is a gearhead’s wet dream of a film — the main character installs stereos!) your eyes will be delighted. The soundtrack by Mason + Fenn (Pink Floyd side project) is loaded with synthesized drums and furious guitar shreds. But this movie is more than nostalgia. One internet cineaste wag calls “White of the Eye” one of the best movies no one has ever heard of. I don’t know if I can outright call this a great movie, but it certainly is unique and entertaining. Basically a standard serial killer film but presented in just the . . .oddest way imaginable. And not odd in a David Lynch-like “look at me! I’m quirky!” way. It’s as if the actors got to the set, prepared to make a standard suspense thriller, and were then told they weren’t allowed to use any of the dialogue from the script. The acting (David Keith and Cathy Moriarity) is surprisingly good — far better than it needs to be for a genre picture. Or is it a genre picture? Is the murder trail just a vehicle for some very heavy concepts about sanity/insanity and male/female relationships/expectations? Woah, I dunno. . .I do know those aerial shots of mining hills set to opera and nonstop steadycam shots are starting to freak me out, man.