By the way — I am here to say that the Chinatown bus routes you may’ve been reading about are no friggin’ joke. I took the Chinatown bus (not the fabled Fung Wah, but the Apex Lines) to Philly. For $12 one way ($20 round trip) it takes you from the corner of East Broadway and Division St (not far from the F Train) to Chinatown in Philly, which happens to be where the Greyhound Station is anyway. It was organized, friendly and fast. I took Greyhound back. $18 one way, plus they ask for your name to put in their computer when you buy the ticket. (As usual, I gave a fake one.) The waiting area was filled with rude people barking orders (in Chinatown, you get to sit comfy on the bus while you wait to leave — they don’t have a station, so you just sit on the side of the road) and the bus’s A/C was busted. Plus they showed a bad movie at REALLY HIGH VOLUME. I don’t care if they are showing Citizen Kane (they were showing “The Terminal”), but I don’t want to watch a movie on those tiny little screens. Plus you’d have to crain your neck and get blinded by glare. Luckily I had an iPod, but I’ve been trapped in the past without one and you can’t escape the deafening volume of the video tape. (Last time it was a Matthew McCaugnehay