I watched all 90 minutes of the Democratic debate for mayor tonight and, clearly, the person with the best ideas and most energy was Anthony Weiner. He was the only one who socked it to Bloomberg for bending over for Bush this summer.

And wouldn’t ya know, that in a race of four — he currently is polling last.

Surprisingly, though, the front runner, Fernando Ferrer, didn’t make me wince once. He spoke clearly and even cracked a few good jokes. 4 years ago he came across as a real putz, but tonight, I was impressed. Should he get the nomination, I don’t think I would have to hold my nose while voting for him.

Gifford Miller, though, seemed like a whiny kid caught in the headlights. Kinda reminded me of Tucker Carlson. He’s toast.

C. Virginia Fields, no doubt a very nice woman, would never win in a head to head with Bloomberg. He’d eat her alive. That and, let’s face it, she can’t answer a straight question.

Anyway, my vote is where it usually is — with the loser. I’m a Weinerman!