Never before in the history of cinema has anyone done this: six features, one story arc. When we watch the “old” Star Wars films now, it will always be in the context of how this fits into Anakin’s story. It has always been about Anakin. I remember when I first heard about Star Wars. Playing the backyard, my cousin told me about a guy named Darth Vader whose planet was called the Death Star. To see the mask fitted on a human’s head last night was, I shit you not, one of the most moving experiences I’ve ever had at the movies. And then. . .when we heard the first breath — the place went nuts. I should point out it was a midnight show (a midnight show that didn’t start until quarter-to-one) and the audience was ready to go. We booed all the trailers — we wanted Darth Vader — until we saw that one or two of the trailers were cool. (A great moment — the green title card for “Coming Attraction” comes on — a chorus of boos. The next title card — Marvel Comics logo, for the Fantastic Four movie — a tumult of “yeah!!!!s”) The opening fight scene is more out of control than anything you’ve seen in a Star Wars film (multiple under-the-breath voices going “shit! holy shit! oh shit!”) sets the bar high and each additional sequence pushes it further. When Yoda was talking about Faith and Fear and Death and Duty (as he is wont to do) I heard a voice behind me intoning, “Wow. Yes. Wow.” Heavy. Everything else is a swirl. There’s a flower planet. And a moment when someone shouts “Noooooooooooooooooo!” And, yes, obvious references to George Bush. For those of you that think this may just be a liberal reading into it — see the movie. Remember, this is George Lucas, not exactly known for subtlety. (I’m saying Sen. Palpatine is Dick Cheney, Count Dooku is George Bush. . .and Anakin? Anakin is us.) And John Williams has proven himself yet again to be the greatest composer since Tchaikovsky. Maybe my capsuled review for the next time I see this — some time next week — will be a little more cogent.