One can consider this Book 3 of the Eugenics Wars trilogy – or one can consider this dipping your toe in the river of the life of Khan. The full arc: Book One, Book Two, Space Seed, this book and then TWOK. To Reign in Hell details the years (and long years they were) on Ceti Alpha V. And it is AWESOME!

Watch in amazement as Kahn defends himself against eugenically enhanced usurpers! Gasp as Ceti Alpha VI implodes, creating a natural disaster on Ceti Alpha V known simply as “The Cataclysm.” Shiver in fear of the ubiquitous Ceti Eels! Grieve at the loss of Kahn’s wife, Lt. Marla MacGivers Singh.

Greg Cox (the author of these Kahn books) does a wonderful job at keeping Kahn evil and yet still sympathetic. I believe they call this nuance.

I was sitting on a plane next to Ann the other day with this book open. Ann says, “Are those books actually any good?” You know, they kinda are.