Volume 2 picks up exactly where Volume One ended and is just as good. It may even be a little better, as none of the actual warfare actually goes down in Volume One. If you want some Mantleban action, Volume Two is for you.

Shall I divulge some secrets of the Eugenics Wars? Here goes: unlike The Clone Wars, these were not massive-scale wars fought on an open battlefield. These were clandestine operations, often masquerading as world events (like any of us really understood that shit that went down in Serbia….) The Eugenics Wars were jiu-jistsu-like moves happening by a small group of powerful individuals, kept always in check by Gary Seven, his cat and Teri Garr. Indeed, Roberta Lincoln is the real star of these stories – the Salieri to Khan’s Mozart. Kinda.

Volume Two ends with the launch of the Botany Bay. Greg Cox’s next massive tome fills in the gap between Space Seed and The Wrath Of… – I can’t see myself not loving it.

(Oh – there’s a Fantasy Island joke in here that is quite choice. See? Trekkies do have a sense of humor.)