First, how awesome is that cover?
This dopey 2-issue arc is part of IDW’s greater crossover series involving most of their licensed brands (GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Transformers.) I’m ignoring the rest of it because it a) reeks of boardroom nonsense that, at the very least, is disrespectful to the mythologies of these universes, and b) because zombies are so fucking played out that even joking about how played out they are is a joke.

But a Trek comic must be read if I’m to keep my blood pressure down, and this has a few good yuks. It is set in the movie timeline, so expect to see Spock call Kirk “Admiral” and expect to see those dopey helmets on the security staff. Also: I can not tell a lie. I really liked the dopey sentient computer/robot who looked like a washing machine that could smile. Wouldn’t mind seeing him again some day.