In the history of comic book-movie tie ins, there has never been anything made with this level of care.

That statement may be completely false – as this is the only comic book-movie tie in I’ve ever been on top of.

In this comic (with “story by” Orci and Kurtzman) we are getting the “official” prequel to Abrams’ new Trek. Or are we getting the sequel to Nemesis? It is all a matter, as Mr. Spock would say, of point of view.

There are absolutely SHOCKING revelations of the TNG Universe (and they are canon, dammit!) and, despite my religious search for info on ST09, the end of issue four was quite a surprise. (If the film stays true, we’ll soon learn Nero does not travel back in time intentionally.)

For my very entertaining review of issue 1 on UGO go here and for my similarly entertaining review of issue 2 go here. I thought I reviewed 3, but I didn’t, and I don’t have the energy for 4 right now.