If I were a pharmaceutical enthusiast, I would make this high on my list. This definitely has that “beamed down from some greater intelligence” feel to it. Sort’ve a cross between “The Wizard of Oz,” “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Wings of Desire” and Tarkovsky’s earlier “Solaris.” A writer and a scientist want to enter The Zone, an area blocked off by armed forces that may or may not contain a room which may or may not contain a meteor which may or may not fufill your deepest fantasy (which you may or may not even know about.) To navigate the Zone you need a Stalker — and the Stalker in our story is a nervous, sickly man who kinda resembles Mike White. They enter the Zone pretty quickly and. . .well. . .once they are in the Zone . . . things start happening. The Zone is a living thing (if you believe in the Zone at all) and the shortest distance to get anywhere is not a straight line. And the Zone is very wet. And there is cool music in the Zone. And a lot of sloooooow tracking shots. The Zone is awesome. The film was shot (on multiple stocks) in the wet fog of Estonia. . .and it sure works.