Recently, with the aid of Matt Patches, I wrote a very lengthy article about the top 100 spaceships.

These two comments are side by side on Reddit.

APeacefulWarrior 1 point 1 day ago[-]
I usually hate long lists broken up like that, but I was honestly a bit impressed at how geeky the guy who wrote it was. I mean, it’s not just that he’s writing up a list of spaceships, but nearly every blurb has a coded joke poking fun at the movie it’s from.
That said, there were an awful lot of flying saucers on that list. He maybe should have stuck to a Top 50.

Aluhut 1 point 4 hours ago[-]
Let me guess: the autor looked at the starship size comparison pic and started writing up a random sentence for every one.
He did not really compare them in any way. It is not more then a list of 100 space ships.
Good job collecting the screenshots but you can forget the rest.