This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but I found “Sleepwalkers” intensely underwhelming. There I was, freezing my nards off, walking from the MoMa sculpture garden to a garbage-strewn empty lot and back again, just so open to being mesmerized. It didn’t happen. I get what they were going for, but, I mean, come on. . .the goal posts are so wide open here — do something! Walking to work? That’s the subject you choose?

Some of the shots looked nice and many of the cuts, yeah, were cool (minor differences in the five 13 minute shorts playing simultaneously) but if you are going to be this bold — if you are gonna have ads on the side of MTA buses — you have to bring the goods. Also: I’ve never seen a postal worker that looks like Chan Marshall. Check-out girl at the Food Co-op, sure, but postal worker?

And the screens weren’t even that massive! Maybe I’m just jealous because *I* want Donald Sutherland to glare in moody poses in *my* massive site-specific installation. . .but the vibe I got last night from everyone else shivering was that we were in the presence of a dud.