The B-Story, Major Kira smooching it up with Vedek Bareil (as Quark smuggles Cardassian antiquities) is more fun than the A-Story. But the A-Story, of Odo and Dax hunting down clues for a missing persons on a curious planet, is okay, too. The twist is that, gasp, everyone is a hologram and the disappearances are just the computer conking out. The second twist is that one of them ISN’T a hologram, actually. The last twist is that Dax & Odo wind up fighting for holograms’ rights in a “who are we to say what is life?” type moment reminiscend of Data on trial in TNG Season 2. That’s a bit of a stretch, though, for if we are to suddenly respect hologram life, what does that say about, say, Worf’s battle simulations on the holodeck? Most perplexing.