Every year I bore myself to tears watching the Academy Awards. Every year I say I won’t watch them again. This year was the worst I can recall. No offense, John Stewart, but you blew. And your reaction to the rap guys winning best song was racist. Speaking of racist, I have to think that only a closet racist would vote for that piece of shit movie “Crash.” Because all that movie does is reiterate horrible stereotypes. I don’t have the energy to get into it now, but read Matt Zoller Seitz’ insightful essay.

The movie I want to win never wins. I think “Unforgiven” and maybe “Chicago” was the only time that happened in recent memory. But I can’t recall a time that a movie I absolutely hated has won. Even “A Beautiful Mind” was better than “Crash.” “A Beautiful Mind” was just dumb whereas “Crash” is offensive to anyone who thinks life can’t be summed up in a soundbyte. “Crash” is a movie for illiterates who wan’t to pretend they know something about what is going on.

Okay, I feel a little better.

Nice to see my cousin Philip win for best actor. George Clooney’s speech was classy and packed a nice fuck-you punch to the O’Reillys out there. And good to see NYU Prof John Canemaker win for animated short — and give a shout out to Tisch and his same-sex partner.

Other than that, this was time I could have spent playing with the cat.