Season 5 starts off swinging — the Klingon Empire is in civil war and Picard is getting all Clintonian on the Prime Directive. He sets up a blocade to stop Romulan supplies from getting in and discovers that Sela is actually Lt. Yar’s daughter from the alternate-Universe glitch that happened in Yesterday’s Enterprise. Trust me, it all totally makes sense. The house of Gowron defeats the House of Duras (for now) but Worf discovers that he just doesn’t have what it takes to live on the Home World. Luckily, Picard takes him back; now he can go back to having his suggestions blown off twice an episode.

I gotta say this — seeing Worf in a Klingon battle costume, aboard a Bird of Prey during a fire-fight. . .I found this quite moving. I’m not joking. Much like the shocking moment when you are watching, say, Das Boot and you realize you are rooting for Nazis, it is remarkable to have such an emotional connection to a Klingon on the bridge of a Bird of Prey. Remember, for most of the Trek films, Klingons are still the enemy — we are rooting for Kirk (that old guy) to blow these Klingons out of the sky. To see Worf — our friend Worf — in that position, with all the signifiers of the Klingon uniform — is quite a shock to the system.