We locked the radio in to 103.3 WPRB and headed into Princeton.

The first thing I noticed new about the town was the fantastic indoor parking facility. Parking in Princeton used to be about as difficult as NYC. Now, no more! And such reasonable rates. Huzzah!

Our first stop, naturally, was the Princeton Record Exchange. What percentage of my collection was bought there over the years? It’s still a little too hip for its own good — but they have a lot of very odd things floating around in some of the scavenger bins in the back.


Ann browses through the lovely used bookstore on Nassau St.


Deep in thought among the Ivy Leagers.


Good place to shoot a horror movie, eh?


The Princeton Art Museum is tremendous. As a snotty New Yorker, I sometimes think that any out-of-town museum is worth only my pity. Not so. The ancient artifacts on display, while certainly just a fraction of what you’ll find at the Met, are no less remarkable. Also – a very well lit museum. Seriously. Hats off to the lighting guy. Here is a non-flash photo of me next to Marcus Aurelius.


Princeton in knee-deep in Einstein kitsch. You can find little plush Einsteins all over the University bookstore. (My favorite was him dressed as a Princeton Tiger with the numbers E=mc2 on his jersey.) This is all somewhat amusing because, as far as I know, he had little to do with Princeton University. He worked at the nearby Institute for Advanced Study, which, other than being a short walk away, has nothing to do with Princeton University.


Indeed, here is where ol’ Al used to live. Think of all the MATH that used to go on up in this noise.