An example of how photography can be your friend or your enemy — and there’s no knowing which.

Observe the photo below: On our left we have Beth, looking as adoreable as ever. That spunky smile! That rascally glow! To our right, James, dare I say, looks downright dashing in quarter profile.


Not more than sixty seconds later another photo. No one was drunk, no one was sick. . .it was just when the iris felt like snapping. Here James looks as though he is preparing to stab schoolchildren with an ice pick. And Beth looks like she is in the final stages before an onslaught of terminal diarrhea.


Amazing, isn’t it? Please focus your attention on the top pick only, I beg of you.

(PS — Cheers to Beth for laughing and saying “sure” when I asked if I could display this on the blog. I received no response from James, so I interpreted his lack of response as approval.)