Today was the day we tried Fresh Direct. I was sick of everyone telling me to do it. We placed a gargantuan order yesterday — one that would have been a hassle to carry home even if we did use our Queens Old Lady Cart — and, just like the website claims, it showed up on time.

Pros: Very easy to use, they really do bring it to your door, the prices are the same as the local C-Town, the fee is only $4.50, they came when they said they did.

Cons: Fresh Direct has no generic brands. I don’t spend 99 cents on a bottle of seltzer when I can get 5 for 2 dollars at Key Food. I just don’t. Also — after you’ve placed the order, and once they’ve boxed it for you, you will get a note alerting you if one of the items you purchased isn’t available. They don’t charge you for it, but a) it sucks and b) when the order is a package of butter (as it was with us) ya kinda wish they would just pick another brand for ya. Or at least allow you to tick a box saying that you endow Fresh Direct with the right to choose another brand. (Ann had picked Hotel Bar — which they musta been out of, but I’m pretty sure we woulda been cool with Land O’ Lakes.) Lastly, the eggs were cracked. Kerry tells me the eggs always crack. So don’t buy eggs. (I’m told we’ll be credited the $1.39 for cracked eggs. 8 of ’em survived actually, 4 were lost.)

Is Fresh Direct worth it? I would say, overall, it kicks a whole lot of ass. I am excited, though, of the growing PeaPod.com, which is run by Stop & Shop, the greatest non-specialty market ever, which has fantastic generic seltzer known as zazz.