Dig: out at The Dove last night to celebrate with The Diggs and others when an obviously coked-up but nice enough blonde waif sits next to Ann and me. She and I make friendly bar talk for a while, introduce one another, share some stories . . .Ann wanders off to talk to Kim and eventually I run out of polite things to say to a sweet, zonked girl at 1 AM. We shake hands and she wanders out of the bar. Only later am I told, by people who actually seem a little bit impressed, that I had been talking with Anna from The O.C.. I asked for a summary of her character arc, but quickly forgot it. She’s not on the show anymore is all I remember. Apparantly there was a whole contingent of young women in the bar agonizing over whether to approach her — and were staring at us as we schmoozed on the couch. So don’t be surprised if you read about me on Page 6!