Ann & I were going to head into Manhattan to check out the Gay Pride parade & then see either the new Werner Herzog doc or the Penguin doc but it was so friggin’ hot that we couldn’t even make it to the subway. I really didn’t feel like hanging around the house, and Ann remembered that there was a Renegade Craft Fair at McCarren Park in Williamsburg. We fired up the LeBaron and drove over. We saw lots of funky T-Shirts (the best was a blue T-Shirt worn by a big guy which read “Site-Specific Installation”) and dolls and handbags and braceletes and ashtrays and totebags and tiny little pins and hats. I wore my Strong Bad “Your Head A Splode” T-Shirt and some people commented on it. We also saw Ann’s friend Kate who makes lovely little note cards and cute stuffed bunnies.