Before you get scared off by the scent of a heavy message, know this: “Munich” is a damned entertaining film. If you like a picture like The Day of the Jackal, well, this is like that but ten times over. Never has the middle eastern problem been such a fun ride. Maybe that sounds a little coarse, but conflicting emotions and subsequent guilt are what this movie is about (that message you’ve heard so much about.) I’ll let the movie, with its punchline last shot that works like a sledgehammer to the stomach (thank God I waited to read the Times review, which spoiled it), speak for itself. There are a number of sequences that are gasp-worthy. And one shot that is right out of the Brian De Palma playbook (yes, that’s a compliment.) I must say, though, there is one moment that outright sucks. I wish I could have five minutes with Steven just to ask him what the hell he was thinking. (For those that have seen it — I’m talking about the money shot — you’ll know what I mean when you see it.) I actually slapped my forehead at this shot. But this is three seconds in a two-and-a-half-hour film that is really terrific. As someone who can divorce himself from reality, I left thinking, “Wow — we live in fascinating times. I wonder if Humanity will survive? I’m kinda curious, but I’m not going to bother taking sides.) Well done. And I think I am going to see it again soon. Also, when they decided to make a biopic on Roman Polanski they can hire Mathieu Amalric (the dude who played Louis.)