I spent a good few hours after watching this movie trying to figure out if I liked it — this is usually a sign that I do. Like most of the detractors, I spent a lot of time thinking, “Who cares?” This seems at first a petty film of no consequence. But it’s the *characters* that are of no consequence. Not the film. This is one of the better films about assholes I’ve seen. Because I couldn’t turn it off.. . .it actually reaches “Grey Gardens”-like levels of train wreck, especially when watching these idiots argue over song lyrics. (I like to rock out to Metallica as much as the next man. . .I even own some of their albums. . .but I’ll be damned if I ever actually spent any energy listening to the lyrics.) And I love Bob Rock, the mellow, near-Lebowski-ish producer who’ll do what it takes, even say shit like “thank you for sharing” at a group therapy session, to get the record made and get paid. He’s the only likable one in the bunch. This movie is a riot and how the band ever let it get released is baffling — to put it in hard rock terms, these guys are pussies.