Before anything else – I want Shappy Seasholtz to know that if I could’ve brought him I would’ve. It was a total last minute thing.

Anyway, the prophecy has been fulfilled: I met, albeit briefly, Leonard Nimoy.


It was at the 2008 Licensing Expo at the Javitz Center, where bare cereal boxes go to find branding. L-Nim was there for sixty short minutes, allowing Nerds to get polaroids with Spock. That’s all I did. I got a press pass, allegedly covering the event, zipped up in a cab, got my photo(s) and zipped back.

I waited on line, stepped up, said “Mr Nimoy, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I pronounced Nimoy correctly. (It is NiMOY, not NEEEmoy.)

When I gave my Vulcan Salute he said, “Ah, very good!”

And that was it. I wanted to say something funny to him, or something M-O-T (like “You’re a Space Tzadik!”) but all I did after was smile.

Here is the moment from a different POV.


So – I got my picture taken with Leonard Nimoy. I guess it is all downhill from here, eh?