Just when you thought it was cool to totally hate a species – turns out the Jem’Hadar have feelings, too? Is there nothing on DS9 that is simply black and white?

Bashir and the Chief crash on a planet where there happen to be a rogue platoon of Jem’Hadar trying to break their addiction to “white” and free themselves from the shackles of the Vorta. They are still warlike animals that’ll probably kill our friends in a moment, but Bashir is kept alive in the hopes that he will help create some sort of Dominion methadone. He is unable to complete his mission because O’Brien does what, like, Kirk woulda done and finds a way to blast his way home. A few dead Jem’Hadar later and back on the shuttle, O’Brien basically looks at Bashir like he’s a chump and a pussy. Bashir contemplates bringing O’Brien up on charges for disobeying his orders. And awesomely, that’s how the episode ends…with the two best buds hating one another. Awesome.