The last few days I find myself listening to the amusingly named CD “Naive and Sentimental Music” by John Adams.


It’s three tracks consist of variegated styles — some quite “modern” and others just triumphant. Quite terrific stuff.

Also: on frequent repeat: Shoot out the Lights by Richard and Linda Thompson.


Definitely the best thing either of them ever did (and that’s saying a lot) this, too, is a collection of very different moods. “Man in Need” has a bouncy march tempo and fabulous harmonies; “Walking on a Wire” is absolutely heartbreaking and the title track ties with “Idiot Wind” as the greatest song ever recorded that manages to be both filled with tenderness and with rage. (And the guitar solos ain’t bad, either.)

It’s less than 24 hours from the New Year’s Eve countdown. Anything peppy and party-like? I whipped out “Little Creatures” today as we cleaned the bathroom (still aching over all that inhaled bleach.)


I’m going to make a bold statement. Of the 8 studio albums Talking Heads released, this is my least favorite. That doesn’t mean it is anything less than brilliant. I’ve always been particularly fond of “The Lady Don’t Mind.”