Haven’t written much about books lately, mostly because I haven’t read any. Earlier in the summer, though, I did sink deep into and complete “Zuckerman Bound” the brick thick (according to Salon) compendium of the first four novels concerning Philip Roth’s alter-ego Nathan Zuckerman. The collection contains “The Ghost Writer” (to which I give an A-), “Zuckerman Unbound” (to which I give an A), “The Anatomy Lesson” (to which I give an A-) and “The Prague Orgy” (to which I give a B+). Lugging that thing around in my backpack for in between bus runs was a well-worth-it-hassle.

I am, though, nearly completed with a short, esoteric novel by a well known writer that, if it ends as good as the opening and middle are, I will crow about shortly.