You know, when you hear about how awful a movie is and it doesn’t 100% suck, you tend to be very forgiving. This mocking “Double Indemnity” re-take is a botched attempt to recapture the magic of “The In-Laws” with the same actors (Alan Arkin and Peter Falk) and the same screenwriter (Andrew Bregman.) And it isn’t anything resembling a good movie. But — apart from being very dopey/funny in spots — it is quite a fascinating experiment. It was the last film John Cassavetes directed, the first in decades that wasn’t “his” project. The first director was fired and Cassavetes, near death from his drinking problem, was thrown this bone from (I’m guessing) his longtime friend Falk. Cassavetes, who has a style as distinctive as Altman or, I dunno, Tarkovsky, plays it straight most of the time. This is a broad comedy with two great leads who know how to get the laughs, plus a sweet collection of character actors in small roles (Charles Durning, Robert Stack, the guru dude from “All of Me” who was also in “The In-Laws” and more.) But, slipped in here and there (probably the days John was cogent enough to be awake on the set) there are some moments of unexpected sparkle. The finished product is uneven and disquieting — but it is goofy enough to enjoy as an idiotic comedy, so you Cassavetes completists don’t have to complain too much. Also: some of the most bizarre non sequitur jokes this side of Albert Brooks. My guess is Arkin and Falk were just trying to one-up each other. Also also: Arkin gives the second funniest spit take I’ve ever seen in a film. (Number one still goes to, of all people, Arsenio Hall in “Coming To America.”)