I’m leaving the house right now, because if I watch anymore of C-Span’s Roberts confirmation hearings I will break something. If you think Roberts is a-ok, a good launching pad for your concern in here. But what’s so amazing is the themes coming out of the Senators’ opening statements:

Democrats — you are about to be appointed for life, so it is important that you have the interest of all Americans.

Republicans — to ask any questions of a candidate violates his liberties — and we never used to do it back in the 19th Century.

Women couldn’t vote in the 19th Century, either.

As Leahy, Kennedy and Biden invoke Brown vs. Board of Ed; invoke the needs of the poor; invoke the disgraceful American attitude toward the environment — all the Republicans have to say is “nah nah nah! Justice Ginsburg wouldn’t answer specific questions about issues, so if you ask him anything about anything we’ll cry foul!”

How much longer can the GOP stay in power? Are we Americans so stupid that we’ll just keep voting for them? Oh, wait, I forgot — we didn’t.