Listen, I’m as bad as you are when it comes to Staten Island. It’s a total mystery. Frankly, I don’t understand why people who live there don’t just move to New Jersey. As far as I can tell, it is just New Jersey with higher taxes. The Ferry is nice and all, but once you get there you can walk to one used book store or one Sri Lankan restaurant and that’s it. If you want to drive there: boom! $10 at the Verrazzano. Staten Island does have one thing the other four boroughs do not have: a kick-ass cajun restaurant.

There are some so-so cajun places in Manhattan, but none to rival what you can actually get in New Orleans. Bayou, located deep in the heart of Staten Island (not within walking distance of the Ferry, alas), has the skills what pay the bills.

I had something called the Seafood Gone Wild and I am still thinking about it three days later. They also have lots of fun, multi-colored drinks. There is also frequent live music.

But enough of my yakkin – take a look at the menu and let me know when you wanna pitch in for the bridge fare to go again.