No, I’d never seen this before. And I was amazed at how actually funny this was. And what’s more important, I think, is how it actually had a philosophy. Unlike, say, “Meet the Parents” (a similar film) this movie wants to impart its world view, an arguement in favor of anti-authority and mild anarchy. I say mild because never in the film is there ever any doubt that our hero will do anything too terrible — he just wants to dance around like an idiot and watch his other friends sleep with prostitutes. Also, and, no, I am not kidding, Tawny Kitaen gives a marvelously nuanced performance as the fiancee. Her basic purpose, yes, is to look hot (well, 80s hot) but she treads a very thin and realistic line of being both annoyed and amused by Tom Hanks’ pranks. The look she gives is “this man is an moron yet, for some reason, I am deeply in love with him.” I must also comment about actor Gary Grossman in the role of “Gary,” the rock ticket salesman who looks like Bun E. Carlos’ Jewish brother. Was Harold Ramis busy that week? If anyone has seen any of his other films, I’d like to know. Plus, there is a donkey on Quaaludes, so what more could you want?