I believe, I truly believe, that this would be a great movie if it were fiction. It is fascinating enough to watch the workings of a (70s era) newsroom, to watch the clues unfold, to see two very different people work as a team. I like movies about partners — most movies that are about partners are about cops, it’s cool to see this. I have a business partnership and, other than Ann, he’s the person I talk to more than anybody. There’s a bond there, yes, and certainly we care about one another – but it is a care toward a shared goal. And while we have different tastes, opinions and ways of accomplishing things — we can usually read one another’s thoughts. Woodward and Bernstein do this. Dye and Hoffman do this, too. We haven’t toppled any corrupt regimes, though. Not yet. Now — this movie — it’s mostly people on the phone, but it still manages to be visually arresting. A very clever visual movie, the use of note-taking, quick glances. One of the other great things about this movie is that it has little to do with politics. It’s about chasing a story. I bet even Republicans (and Bob Woodward is and was one) like this movie. But I bet Democrats like it a little more.