The other day Ann was reading on the couch and she was cold and asked if I would throw her a blanket. So, like a putz, I threw it over her head. The way it landed made her look like she was Ganesh.


From L to R: Dave, Raoul, Michelle, the Back of Leslie’s Head, Cynthia’s right eye.


Remnants of a midday snack n’ drink at 2A.


Kerry and I pretend like we’re setting up a shot. This was a reject for our “media kit.” We realized that we needed a directors’ photo and we had no pictures of the two of us directing together. We’re pointing at nothing. Acting!


This is the top of my head and the top of Josh Pelzek’s head.


Every time — *EVERY TIME* — we see Josh, Ann starts the following conversation.

Ann: Your friend Josh is a really nice guy.
Me: Yeah, Pelzek’s the best.
Ann: He really is.
Me: Yep.
Ann: He’s so easy to talk to. And he’s funny. And he has a really interesting outlook on things. Plus his job sounds interesting. And he’s got a little bit of that terrific midwestern accent that I love.

This is usually the point in the conversation when I remind Ann that Pelzek’s fiancee is really nice, too.

Well, when you look at this photo it is no wonder Ann has eyes for Pelzek!