Here are links to all the movie reviews (and miscellanea) that I published out of Cannes 2015, separated by outlet.


Inside-Out (loved it!)

Sea of Trees (it’s crap!)

The Lobster (it’s really, really cool!)


Dheepan (it’s okay!)

Amy (it’s really good)

A Tale of Love and Darkness (it kinda blows!)

The Tale of Tales (its’ okay!)

Son of Saul, Les Anarchistes & Afterthought (fantastic, fairly good & good, respectively!)

Embrace of the Serpent, The Fourth Direction, Cemetery of Splendor & Green Room (spectacular, a snooze, interesting & something of a disappointment, respectively!)

    For The Guardian

One Floor Below (it’s intriguing!)

Dégradé (it’s okay!)

Mustang (it’s terrific!)

The Brand New Testament (it’s whimsical and hilarious!)

Mediterranea (it’s topical!)

Lamb (it’s classical!)

    For Mashable

Irrational Man (it’s droll!)

Carol (it’s gorgeous!)

Sicario (it’s sleek!)

Youth (it’s pretentious!)

    For Popular Mechanics

Mad Mad: Fury Road (it’s loud!)

    For Times of Israel

Was Cannes Good For The Jews? (yes!)