Lou Reed was never afraid to swing for the fences.

I adore all these horrible songs. RIP Lou.

8 – The Day John Kennedy Died

Maybe this just had the misfortune of coming right after “Waves of Fear” on THE BLUE MASK. But, even with the cool guitar & bass going on here. . .ugh.

7 – What’s Good
What good’s a computerized nose?

6 – Gimme Some Good Times.

The opening, where he quotes his own old songs, is the most embarassing thing ever. Worse then when Sting did it, even.

5 – Harry’s Circumcision.

Coulda been cut.

4 – I Love You Suzanne.
The singing!

3 – Pumping Blood.
Like a colored man’s dick.

2 – I Wanna Be Black.
And fuck up the Joooooooze!

1 – Edgar Allen Poe. By a country mile.

Everything about this rules. It RULES!

Bonus points! This awesome Velvet Underground 1993 atrocity.