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Longer than the Han Dynasty itself, Daniel Lee’s 14 Blades is one of those big fat martial arts epics you either eat up with a fork and spoon or pass and say “no thank you.”

The fight sequences are pretty fantastic, as can be expected from anything with Donnie Yen or Sammo Hung’s names in the credits. Story-wise? Good luck. I couldn’t follow half of it, and I swear I’m not a moron.

There’s a section in the middle, where it is just about a man and his spunky female hostage out in the wild, and not about court in-fighting or secret honor guards dealing with betrayal, when it becomes an actual movie. The rest, however, is garbage, but gorgeous with big, bold action wonderfully shot and dazzlingly choreographed.

I give this movie a B. Below are my thoughts directly after seeing the film.