Jordan recently produced and co-directed the feature film Body/Antibody. This is the poster. Makes you want to see it, doesn’t it?


Here are Jordan and his partner Kerry in one of those classic “We’re Directing!” pictures. Don’t they look ridiculous?


Shot on Super 16mm in summer of 2006, Body/Antibody is currently making the rounds at festivals. Read more about it at

NEW!!! The trailer is live! Just press play!

Prior to Body/Antibody, Jordan produced and co-wrote Ultrachrist! Shot on miniDV for less than a botox injection at Dr. Zizmor’s, it was released on DVD worldwide in 2004. You can buy it at Amazon, rent it at Netflix or learn more about it at The kids think it is funny. If you don’t believe me, search for it on MySpace. Here’s a small shot of the poster.


NEW!!! Now you can watch the trailer right here. Just press play:

In late 2005 Jordan collaborated with Jurgen Fauth on a full-length concert video for the popular New York City band The Diggs. You can stream it or download clips here.


Jordan graduated from NYU with a BFA in film in 1996 and has since produced two feature films. He has acted in a bunch of shorts and little TV spots, none of which he has a copy of on tape. In 2004 he was named IFC’s Ultimate Film Fanatic of the North East. (You can hunt for clips of this on YouTube, but I’d prefer you didn’t.) Since 2003 he’s kept a fairly obsessive journal of pithy film reviews, most of which are viewable right here on this very blog.

Here’s a shot of me “directing”:


And here’s another one:


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