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Cristian Mungiu’s “Graduation,” a Lock for 2017’s top 10

You have no idea how good “Graduation” is. Well, that’s not true. If you’ve seen “Beyond the Hills” or “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days” you know precisely how good it is.
Go see this movie in the theater if you can, and feel its vise grip tighten around your soul.
You can read more praise in my review at

The Boss Baby and our babyish boss

I wrote about “The Boss Baby” and the obvious connections to Mr. Donald J. Trump, who some say is the President of the United States. (Ha! Tell me another one!)
Anyway, this was written rather quickly but there are a few zings. Check it out at

Lesser Known WWII Movies You Need To See

Pegged to the release of the not-very-good “The Zookeeper’s Wife,” I did a “10 Best List” for Guardian Film about lesser-known WWII movies that you should see.
Just between us, I don’t much care for the “…You Haven’t Seen,” title. It invariably gets people writing, “hey, pal, I’ve seen four of these!” But that’s showbiz. I’m still abundantly proud of this list and, moreover, quite jazzed that my editors at the Guardian, Praise Be Unto Them, allow me to write about esoteric cinema. Of further note: in the approx 700 comments below (not that I’ve read them all) you’ll see some other suggestions. A great many of them were on my initial brainstorm list but got cut to make an even 10.
Read at The Guardian.

Hoffman at Topps

I don’t know much about baseball, but I do understand slavish collector-ism. I was thrilled to co-author a recent cover story for amNY about the Topps Company (which was timed for “opening day,” in which we once again commit to the group delusion that baseball is fun.)
Read more about it at amNY.

The Zookeeper’s Wife, review

My favorite moment in Mel Brooks’s Spaceballs is when George Wyner explains the villains’ dastardly plan and Rick Moranis turns directly to the camera and says “everybody got that?” I was reminded of this during The Zookeeper’s Wife when Jan Zabinski, the zookeeper (Johan Heldenbergh), explains to his wife, Antonina (Jessica Chastain), how they can use the tunnels and shelters in their now empty zoo to aid Jews trying to escape the Warsaw ghetto. Hearing his plan, she nods, gives a faraway look and says: “A human zoo.”
More at The Guardian.

The Most Hated Woman In America, review

If I didn’t look back at my published work once a week and upload links to my blog I would have forgotten this movie existed already.
The film is bad. My review at The Guardian has some zings. Click for more.

Joseph Cedar Interview

It may only be the end of March, but I feel confident in saying that Joseph Cedar’s film “Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer” will be in my top 10 on December 31st.
I had a nice chat with him about Court Jews, midtown Manhattan and pickled fish for Times of Israel. Do us all a favor and read it.

The Belko Experiment: For Douchebags, by Douchebags

Roughly 65 minutes into a press screening of the 88-minute film The Belko Experiment, a voice cried out in the darkness: “For God’s sake, enough already!”
The voice, much to my surprise, was my own—and, after asking a colleague to contact me later to “let me know how this garbage ends,” I raced out into the New York streets with a pounding in my chest and the onset of a rage-induced headache.
Read more at Vanity Fair.

A Sense of an Ending review

I should have a special category for little movies that no one will see that aren’t exactly GREAT but are at least notable. No, I don’t recommend these in the wild. For starters, it costs money to see movies, and also there are so many other things to do in life, like go look at birds or listen to old records or see a classic movie at MoMA or Metrograph …. but considering that these are actual assignments for me, and it isn’t, like bad, I come away a little bit happy. I mean, there’s a lot of shit out there.
Anyway, my review of A Sense of an Ending is over at



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