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A Sense of an Ending review

I should have a special category for little movies that no one will see that aren’t exactly GREAT but are at least notable. No, I don’t recommend these in the wild. For starters, it costs money to see movies, and also there are so many other things to do in life, like go look at birds or listen to old records or see a classic movie at MoMA or Metrograph …. but considering that these are actual assignments for me, and it isn’t, like bad, I come away a little bit happy. I mean, there’s a lot of shit out there.
Anyway, my review of A Sense of an Ending is over at

Raw review

Raw rules. Raw is the best movie you’ll see in a while. Raw is the movie you’ll keep talking about. Raw is the movie you’ll have on your top 10 at the end of the year to prove that you still like to go see weird movies from first time filmmakers. Read my review of Raw at

The Settlers and Ben-Guiron, Epilogue at Film Forum

Few movies gave me as much tsuris as “The Settlers.” It’s very good, but doesn’t tell the whole story. “Ben-Gurion, Epilogue,” is something of a minor miracle. Yoda in the Desert.
A review of both can be found at Times of Israel.

Kiki review

This glamtastic documentary, something of a sequel to “Paris is Burning” is worth checking out. My review is at amNY.

Song to Song review

lol there are people who don’t like the new Terrence Malick film.
You can read my review of this newest cause for celebration over at The Guardian.
Song By Song is good!

Junction 48 review

I didn’t quite like “Junction 48” but the Q&A at the Metrograph led to a bit of a revelation. More at Times of Israel.

Table 19 review

Oy vey this movie.
You can share my pain over at The Guardian.

Get Out Review

Everything you’ve heard about “Get Out” is mostly true.
My review at the New York Daily News will give you more detail.

Long Strange Trip review

Amir Bar-Lev’s 4 hr Grateful Dead transcends the genre, and may just be the thing that gets people who don’t dig the Dead to finally understand.
My review from Sundance 2017 is at Vanity Fair.

The Best ‘Best Picture’ Winner: Annie Hall

The Guardian Film team all pitched in to argue their favorite Oscar winner for Best Pic.  “Awards! They do nothing but give out awards!” as Alvy Singer would say.
My choice was and always shall be Annie Hall. You can read my piece here.
You can also see what the rest of the gang picked.



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