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321) Ed Wood (1994), Tim Burton, A+

What struck my in ’94, and hit me again this time, is just how inspiring this movie is. This is as loving a portrait of and individual fighting the Man as any Jack Nicholson picture from the 70s. But here’s what’s amazing: it does not totally reject taking cheap shots at Wood’s lack-of-professionalism and transvestism. It is a funny, moving, exciting and left Ann and I filled with that warm glow only the best of movies leave you with. You don’t have to’ve seen Wood’s pictures to love this movie, but it helps. “Let’s shoot this...

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Old, Racist, Not-that-funny

Jackie Mason’s Laughing Room Only is the worst disaster on broadway since The Look of Love. His act is the same since the mid-80s. Literally. I could say some of the jokes with him. The dance numbers were sub-Carnival Cruiseline. I agree with the theory can one can mock his own culture; the Jewish jokes were welcome, the Puerto Rican and Indian jokes made me cringe. Garrett and I left at intermission. We did not pay for the tickets. Mason used to be...

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