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325) The Devil at 4 O’Clock (1961), Mervin LeRoy, C-

You’d think a movie about a remote children’s hospital fleeing an erupting volcano would be exciting, wouldn’t you? There’s a lot of preaching, literally, in this alleged adventure picture. How Frank Sinatra wound up in the South Seas I’d still like to know. The Michener-esque prologue presents some mildly interesting characters but that movie gets forgotten 30 minutes...

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324) Eye of God (1997), Tim Blake Nelson, A-

Terrific. This simple, nearly predictable story is made mesmerizing through great performances, dialogue, tricky intercutting and tone. The ending had me cheering – not in a “Rocky” way, but in a victory for humble aesthetics. Movies on religious themes are hard to make work. Movies about domestic violence are hard to make work. Movies based on plays are hard to make work. Nelson slammed this out of the...

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321) Ed Wood (1994), Tim Burton, A+

What struck my in ’94, and hit me again this time, is just how inspiring this movie is. This is as loving a portrait of and individual fighting the Man as any Jack Nicholson picture from the 70s. But here’s what’s amazing: it does not totally reject taking cheap shots at Wood’s lack-of-professionalism and transvestism. It is a funny, moving, exciting and left Ann and I filled with that warm glow only the best of movies leave you with. You don’t have to’ve seen Wood’s pictures to love this movie, but it helps. “Let’s shoot this...

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