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The Sons of Aperaham

It isn’t Jewish subtext on the screen in “War For The Planet Of The Apes.” It’s just text. Read my piece about Semitic simians at Times of...

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Best of 2017: Mid-Terms

I don’t know why I am putting myself through this aggravation. Yet the urge to RANK lurks within me. My criteria: this movie has to have played in a theater, not at a festival, at some point between Jan 1 and June 30. I am using Mike D’Angelo’s list of theatrical releases as my source for what is legit. No VOD. No goddamn television. That means you, too, Twin Peaks Episode 8. 4-wall the IFC Center and get back to me! Also: I haven’t seen everything. I missed the new Cate Shortland movie (something with Berlin in the title)...

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Jordan Hoffman is a New York-based writer and film critic working for The Guardian, Vanity Fair, Thrillist, Times of Israel, NY Daily News and elsewhere.

He is the host of ENGAGE: The Official Star Trek Podcast, a member of the New York Film Critics Circle and challenges you to a game of backgammon.

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