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Valerian & the 1000 Planets: Best Dumb Movie of 2017

Below is an extended version of my review from Popular Mechanics. Though not a Pixar film, “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” comes with its own accompanying short film. Technically it is just the opening credits sequence, but not even “Watchmen”‘s brilliant, tuneful introduction is as perfect. It’s like a rare mineral flung out in space for eons, finally orbiting back to us with luminescence, and explaining just how mankind might possibly save itself from extinction, all set to a David Bowie song. It also sets up the forthcoming movies’s setting, Alpha, a hodgepodge collection of ship...

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The Sons of Aperaham

It isn’t Jewish subtext on the screen in “War For The Planet Of The Apes.” It’s just text. Read my piece about Semitic simians at Times of...

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