Hello, and welcome to the new and improved JordanHoffman.com.

JordanHoffman.com began as a spot for my musings in late 2003 and it’s been pretty quiet around here for quite some time.

The last few years this website’s main purpose has been for my own record keeping, jotting down letter grades on all the movies I’d seen.

But no more!

JordanHoffman.com Mach 2 serves multiple purposes!

For starters, I am very much a (clears throat) FREELANCE WRITER and, as such, I’m always looking to work for new outlets. Are you, in fact, an assigning editor at Outlet X or literary agent of some sort, and you’d like to get in touch? That’s what the “Contact” link is all about.

Not sure about Hoffman? Hopefully the highlighted articles in the “Selected Work” tab will put you over the top. That’s where I’ve linked to my best stuff. (You can also dig deep into my personal history at “About Me.”)

As my reviews and articles are published I’ll link to them from the Recent Work tab. This way when you see me you don’t have to say “hey, did you ever review Suchandsuch Movie?” You can just come to JordanHoffman.com and all your problems will be solved.

Same deal with my recent podcast episodes.

For those that can’t get enough of my opinions, I’ve got some good news: I’m bringin’ blogging back. Threaded tweets are lame (and there’s no way to edit them.) I hereby state that from this day forth my half-baked, 2am, semi-coherent angry thoughts are gonna go here, on my blog where they belong. Don’t worry, I’ll still slap a link to ’em on Twitter. Also, more stuff about the music I like.

The decade-plus of old JH.com material still exists, don’t worry. Lots of photos and rants about movies and music and politics in the archives (scroll down, look on the right, toggle by month.) Plus you can always hit search. If you remember a funny story about me drinking too much in Staten Island in 2007, you can still find it with a little rooting around.

Thanks for reading.