Month: September 2011

Fantastic Fest 2011

As with other festivals I went to this year (see Sundance 2011 and South By Southwest 2011) I’m not going to have a post for each film. But here’s a thumbnail of what I saw. Sennentutchi, Michael Steiner, B- Invasion of Alien Bikini, Young-Do Ho, B Extraterrestrial, Nacho Vigalondo, B Manborg, Steven Kostanki, B+ Summerland, Grimur Hakonarson, B A Lonely Place To Die, Julian Gibley, B+ Aardvark, Kitau Sakurai, B Karate Robo Zaborgar, Noburo Iguchi, B Knuckle, Ian Palmer, A- You’re Next, Adam Wingard, A Bullhead, Michael Roskum, A- Milocrorze: A Love Story, Yoshimasa Ishibashi, A Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, Jose Padilha, C+ Underwater Love, Shinki Imakoma, A- The Squad, James Osorio Marquez, C- Clown, Mikkel Norgaard,...

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Melancholia (2011), Lars von Trier, ?

I’m such a wimp – I can’t take a position on Melancholia. I both hate it and love it. I’m still thinking about it. Normally that’s a sign that “well, something’s there, so it must be partially good.” But in this case, part of the thing that I’m still thinking about is that I can’t tell if it is bullshit or not. I usually like Lars’ stuff, but he’s been slipping of late, and I . . .I just don’t know what I think about this one. More to...

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