Month: August 2011

The Compleat John Byrne’s Next Men Volume 2

A few months back I read the first phone book sized collection of JBNM and yesterday I picked up the second one. Over 500 pages of lightning paced reversals and switcheroos later I’m here to tell you this is one of the greatest and most fun science fiction stories I’ve ever read. In addition to the genuine satire about politics and early 1990s society, it is a ripping good yarn. With humor! And sex! And time travel! And Hellboy? And mutant powers that can turn women in Playboy models. Please dig this stuff up and read it. I’m about to jump into (the current) Volume...

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Eastbound and Down, Season 2, A

I know there are only, like, six or seven episodes, and they’re, like, twenty-five minutes each . . .but I do not know how the sustained vibe of just-about-to-pass-out-drunkenness can be maintained by the writers, directors, actors and editors. It’s something of a masterpiece. What’s best about this show is that there aren’t that many BIG LAUGHS. It’s just one never ending collection of embarrassment and WTF....

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The Walking Dead TPB 2-3

Everyone ploughs through the Walking Dead in a mad rush – I’ve been takin’ ‘er real slow. It definitely has a sustained nightmare quality. And also a repetitive quality that exists in the fables of some Eastern religions as well as Cardassian literature. I like...

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Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 3

This (relatively) recent repackage is really just the first seven or so issues of the post-Crisis GLC on Earth. It’s kinda John Stewart’s show, though Hal is there (and there are cutaways to Guy on Malthus) though the bulk of the stories have to do with. . . Ch’p! And his evil foe Dr. Ub’x (who has many alter egos, including Truk – a truck.) It’s very silly and perhaps even childish. . .until Arisia goes through the puberty machine and puts the moves on Hal. Should DC put out a volume 4 I’ll definitely pick it up – not so sure I’ll be chasing down the single issues. (I say this now. . ....

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