Month: February 2011

Redacted (2007), Brian De Palma, C

If De Palma had made this about Vietnam in 1968 film scholars would still be having heart attacks about it. Of course, he couldn’t have made it like this, as “prosumer video” is a big part of it. I’d like to think that BDP is savvy enough to know that those horrible wipes undercut every well-intentioned scene. Not sure how to explain away some of the bad acting, though. This mixed-media, mixed-message anti-American (let’s be honest) propaganda piece is a fascinating cri de coeur from an ever-growing irrelevant master of formalist film. I’m glad he made it, I’m glad I saw it, but I wouldn’t recommend to you as other than a curiosity...

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Widowmaker (Issues 1-4)

I read the total run of the Black Widow comics from this spring til the end of the year and I enjoyed them a great deal. This was the next step with some of those characters and it is also. . .where I get off. It’s convoluted storytelling and mindless fight scenes with not-that-interesting art. Probably for hardcore Marvel fans only, not a curious DC fan like...

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Deadwood Season 1 (2004), A

It took me a while to realize just why Deadwood is so fantastic. So many of the recent longform television shows are described as “long movies.” Deadwood is a long piece of theater. There are only a few sets and, barring some murderous action in the first few episodes, there isn’t that much action. It’s all about the acting, all about the dialogue. My initial feeling once I finished Season 1 was to jump immediately to Season 2. But since I know there are only two more seasons to go, I want to tease this one along for a while. Oh – and this show is absolutely filthy and disgusting. I only watch it when Ann isn’t around. I don’t want her judging...

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The Compleat John Byrne’s Next Men Volume 1

Today was the day I read over 400 pages of John Byrne’s Next Men. It’s got everything you can want – conspiracy, intrigue, whacked-out sci-fi, muscled heroes bashing each other and even some sexy dames (if you are into dames who look like the cover of the Duran Duran Rio album cover.) I find Next Men to be far more enjoyable and relatable than anything I’ve read of the...

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