Month: December 2010

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight 2

The second collection of one-shots focused on a particular species, Alien Spotlight 2 isn’t quite as flawless as the first one, but does feature some fun stuff. The Cardassian entry is tied directly to goings-on in the “Season 8” DS9 novels and, as such, I didn’t quite know what was going on. (Though it was nice to see my old friends Garak and Kira again.) The Klingon entry offers some really nice insight into the life of Kang – perhaps the most famous Klingon of all after Worf. The Q and Romluan entries are fine, and the Tribbles one is kinda idiotic, but points for...

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Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between

Any and all complaints about The Space Between must be muted. This was IDW’s first mission into Trek comics, and the overall work they’ve been doing since then (2007) has been phenomenal. While the ongoing series of the Peter David years is fun, the small-arcs coming out of IDW have, for the most part, been great. This collection seems, at first, unconnected. Simple stories from throughout the NCC-1701-D’s travels. Riker with no beard. Sick Bay run by Dr. Pulaski. Then, at the end, we realize there has been a connecting thread – and one that goes pretty deep into Sector 31. Hats off to deep cuts like Quatrotriticale grain and the NX-02’s shuttle...

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Black Widow: Kiss or Kill

The only Marvel comic I read with any regularity is Black Widow, and this is for obvious reasons. Busty redhead killing Russian robots in the snow. Duh. The “Kiss or Kill” arc is some decent 007-ish spy stuff, as Black Widow must defend a journalist/son-of-influential-dead-Senator from nefarious forces and himself. Pursuing them is Fatale who, it later is determined, is actually on their side, kinda. . . It ends with everyone having to change clothes in a luxurious hotel. Hey, I didn’t write...

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Black Widow: The Name of the Rose

The recent, um, performance (yeah, that’s it) of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Iron Man 2 had me, naturally, interested in the character. This tale, which I saw elsewhere aptly described as Black Widow’s version of Hush has her breaking ties with everyone to save her own skin. As such, she has to fight baddies all throughout exotic places in Europe, but always with flaming red hair and a tight black...

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Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond

A reasonably decent 6-issue arc that revives Terry McGinnis as tomorrow’s Batman that. . . .looks EFFING AMAZING. After a quick intro that includes a run-in with Spellbinder and a polite rejection to join the JLA, McGinnis and the aged Bruce Wayne discover, somehow, that someone is acting a lot like Hush and attacking Bats’ former foes. All fingers point to (a similarly aged) Dick Grayson, but, wouldn’t you know it, there’s a twist. This is all secondary to how cool everything looks, particularly Catwoman. Comics are a visual medium, first and...

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Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come Vol. 1-3

These three trades form a quasi-sequel to the Kingdom Come story (which I have not read), but also a continuation of the post-Crisis JSA series (which I have.) What you’ve got here is some really nifty Multiverse-bending, in-depth looks into some of the cooler, less discussed characters (Starman, Damage, Liberty Belle, Citizen Steel, Mr. Terrific) and, I’ll be damned, some actual interesting theological questions. Plus: Power Girl on Power Girl fights. Pages and pages of...

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