Month: November 2010

The Great Man’s Lady (1942), William A. Wellman, C

Worth watching just to see some outrageous sexism on display. This film posits that the best thing a woman could ever do is, basically, sacrifice herself to chastity and anonymity if it means her man gets to achieve great things. I know this was made during the war and Rosie the Riveter and all that. . .but this is a shocking piece of work. (And not particularly a good movie...

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United Red Army (2008), Koji Wakamatsu, A-

Makes the cast of the Baader-Meinhof Complex look like a bunch of wimps! There are a few things I find ceaselessly fascinating. One of them is radical groups of the 1970s, the other is Japanese subcultures. Put the two together and pow. This true story about the fringest of the fringe extreme groups is a really unique movie. It has a full 40 minute prologue setting up the history of leftist radicals in Japan. Then we see this group rise from the ashes of two different, fallen groups. They go up a mountain to train for full-out revolution through a series of “self-critiques” and things go APESHIT! Not only is this a fascinating historical film, it is a great document about group hysteria and mutual descent into madness. Really weird and really...

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