Month: October 2010

The Passion of the Christ (2004), Mel Gibson, C+

This is my first time seeing this since its release (when I watched a pirated copy I bought on the subway because I was all up in arms about not giving Gibson any money.) Well, tonight I watched the Blu-ray (which I still didn’t pay for) and, lemme tell ya, Caleb Deschanel really knows how to make with the dramatic lighting. This movie is ultimately fascinating, just because of how undramatic it is, yet it made a billion dollars because, in 2004, if you didn’t see this movie it meant you didn’t support our troops. I’m being 100% serious. With time, though, we can now watch it for a what it is: a stunningly shot pageantry of extremely boring scenes. There is no character development – hell, no characters, really. The movie plays like a “greatest hits” album, just ticking the boxes of famous references from the Bible. Veronica wipes Christ’s face? Check. Does this have any significance? Any weight? Especially to a non-believer or a novice to the New Testament. Absolutely not. Therefore, as a proselytizing Christian, Gibson fails. Looks great, though. Helluva movie to watch on Halloween, what with all the...

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The Social Network (2010), David Fincher, A-

I can’t tell you if the movie has any deep meaning or not, but I can say it is really, really watchable. The pre-title breakup sequence, in which Aaron Sorkin, Jesse Eisenberg and Rooney Mara are firing on all cylinders, may be the best individual scene I’ve seen in a movie all year. I don’t, ultimately, know what this movie wants me to think of Zuckerberg, specifically with regard to his relationship with Eduardo. I mean – keeping him aboard may not have been the right decision. Maybe Facebook wouldn’t be what it is today if they’d stayed on the East Coast. I also think the movie missed some opportunities to discuss WHY Facebook is so important. Anyway, I’m hardly an insider on these matters, nor do I care to be. This is just a good, juicy film, well played, well shot and with good, quotable lines. I like it a...

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Zero Hour, ENT 3

1/2 Action! Adventure! Shran! The Xindi story ends with a bang, though not a bang that destroys the Earth. One thing that makes no sense, though – why do T’Pol and Trip have to destroy the Sphere at exactly *that moment*? They can’t wait til after Archer tackles the Xindi weapon on Degra’s ship? The answer is that there’s no time like the present and that they couldn’t travel as fast anyway, but, still, it seems a little like manipulative editing. That’s just me, though. Great cliffhanger for Season 4. I have no idea what to expect. (More...

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