Month: September 2010

Coco Chanel & Igor Stranvinsky (2010), Jan Coenen, B

What a shame. This could have been great. When you watch the “making of” and hear what the filmmaker’s intent was, it’s like, “wow! If only that was actually in the movie!” What’s there isn’t bad. It is beautiful, first of all, and it is interesting, only because the time period is fascinating, the making of perfume is fascinating (to me) and The Rite of Spring is among the most kick-ass pieces of music ever. Sadly, I never got under the characters’ skin. Not once. But it looks fabulous. Worth checking out, for the most part. (Though some prior knowledge of CC & IS is...

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Superman/Batman: Supergirl

Read this in anticipation of hosting the LA premiere of the DC Animated Original Movie version. I enjoyed it. A bunch of Amazons fight robots, then they take a wormhole to a Hellish planet and it ends with all of our friends there. It’s very sweet, in that...

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